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WRP’s notes and ramblings:

23rd December 2013
This year’s Christmas Concert turned into a slightly emotional event following the typically enjoyable sets by Dave and Pete, by Lou and, of course, by Felicity, Maria and Marianne. We looked forward to a set featuring Felicity, Steve and the very young Reuben but, unfortunately, Reuben didn’t feel too well so Steve had to take him home, hopefully next year …

Many thanks to Margaret and Barbara for baking and preparing the half time refreshments. Judging by the speed with which they disappeared, I presume everyone enjoyed them. Thanks also for everyone whole bought raffle tickets. We trust the multitude of prizes drawn has supplemented Santa’s deliveries.
At the end of the evening, Dave officially handed over the future running of the club to Martin Coyne and Glyn Amos. Although Dave and myself were instrumental in starting the club with friends 45 years ago (!) and we have had a decent period of organising and running the club for the last few years, we are getting old (true!!). Fortunately Martin and Glyn offered to take over the running of the club thus ensuring top quality live folk music for the foreseeable future. The words of thanks and gifts by Martin and by Brian on behalf of the audience were greatly appreciated by Dave, Margaret, Barbara and myself. Obviously we will still be attending the concerts, although in the audience and I will have to get used to buying raffle tickets rather than selling them and having to extort payment.
Consequently, this is my penultimate ‘Notes’ entry. My final entry will be to confirm that Martin and Glyn have been fully trained to assume responsibility for maintaining this web site. I will appreciate all future correspondence regarding the club being sent to Martin whose details are now shown on the web site’s Home page.