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We welcome contributors to this Feedback page. Please treat as a ‘Guestbook’ for comments or recommendations on improving our web site, to agree or disagree with the ‘Notes’ page, to give your impressions on our guest artistes and to make any other observation on the club or folk scene in general.

For inclusion, fill in the form above, please indicate whether your name or initials should be credited at the end of your message. Please note that the content of messages will be maintained but messages may be shortened when necessary, it’s my job to waffle in the Notes page!


Wortley Folk Club. Always a great night out! Dave does a brilliant job organising varied and extremely good guest artists who cover a huge range of different music and the floor singers who always do a brilliant job – without loads of techno gadgets to enhance the sound and vision – these are true stars.. It never ceases to amaze me how many instruments there are out there and our guest and floor singers all seem to be able to play not just one many of these. Folk is not just fiddles.

Bill you’r doing a brilliant job with the web site. Its informative and entertaining and even I can negotiate my way round it. Its great to be able to sample the guest material before they perform at the club or to refresh the memory with some who have been before.

If anyone reading this hasn’t been to our club come and try it. It is cosy and friendly and we try to make everyone welcome. I have been attending for 12 years now and have made many friends.

Finally a big thanks to Dave and his team of helpers without who the show wouldn’t go on. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ALL OF YOU.

Dot Barker

WRP Thanks for the feedback on both the club and the web site. Could not agree with you more about the quality of the floor singers and Dave’s choice of guest artistes. Thanks also for the comments on the web site, if you would like any changes or additions, please let me know.

19th June & another grand night at the Black Bull.

Once again club supremo Dave and his team had booked some brilliant guest performers, with superb young fiddle player & singer Rosie Carson (only 18 years of age!) teamed with superb old (I shouldn’t say that should I ? well I suppose everything’s relative!!) guitarist & singer Kevin Dempsey, on the penultimate date of their debut UK tour. What musicians! And what a polished, accomplished and entertaining couple of sets, the only complaint being they were too short!

Wortley Folk is a great club with a great atmosphere and in a room that’s really good to sing in too! Which reminds me to put in a word for the excellent contributions of the floor singers, the quality and variety of which, always a reliable indicator of a thriving folk club, never lets Wortley Folk down.

And all of which set the tone for a thoroughly enjoyable evening that was well worth the long trip. Keep up the good work Dave

Dave Kidman

WPR Nice to know our work is appreciated but the club also depends on its’ audience who are great supporters.


What a grand night out at the “Wortley Folk Club”, Johnny Silvo at his best I hope I am as good as him when I get to his age. We have seen him quiet a few times. His love for music plain to see and of cause the audience warm to him. “The Wortley Folk Club” takes some beating for atmosphere. We have known the club for at least 15 years and made some life long friends. The club boasts people from all walks of life and if they are not talking about folk music they are chatting about what’s been happening to them over the last month, (basically one big social event).

A mention must go to the regular floor singers who come on before the main guests, some of them keep coming back year on year that speaks for itself as to how good the atmostphere in the club is.

Dave Atkin the lynch pin of the club is so laid back, and has a habit of finding the best artists in the folk scene or at least the ones we like to hear. I must mention Margaret, Bill and Barbara who also help to keep the cart/club on the rails.

So if you want a relaxed and enjoyable evening and love music” Wortley Folk Club” is your place.

Liz & Brian Westby

WRP I must admit that Johnny is one of my favourite guests and agree that he seems to get better with age! Thanks for the thanks – makes it worthwhile


Congratulations to Wortley, whenever I attend, always have a great night. Keep on going as long as you can and thanks for the web site for keeping us informed.


WRPGlad you enjoy the club, we aim to please!


Like the web site, if ever in UK will visit !!

Colin, Montreal

WRPThanks, everyone is always welcome